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How Many Days can you go without Food?

How Many Days Can a Person Survive Without Food?

A person can live up to 60 days under normal conditions by starving, i.e., by not eating anything (If he only drinks water because you may die in 7 days without drinking any water). Of course, experts state that it is not right to give a specific period such as 50 – 60 days. Let us explain why. When the body goes hungry, it burns carbohydrates, fats, and protein, respectively. The amount of these materials in our body varies depending on age, weight and other features. Even the things we do during the starving period determine how many days you can go without food. If we lay down during the starving period, move less and do not sweat, we can prolong this period.

We all have heard of many strange incidents regarding starving. For instance, there is someone who survived without food and water for 7 days in Turkey after an earthquake. Of course, this person would not have lived one more day because he would have died by starving and lack of water. A leader who is on hunger strike for independence, survived 21 days by only drinking enough water to make his mouth wet. We have heard of someone who survived for 40 days in another hunger strike; however, since there is not any scientific proof, this has no validity.

We have tried to provide answers to the questions of “how long can you survive without food?” “how many days until you can starve?”, “how long can you live without food,?” and “how many days can you go without food?” In order to get more information about this subject, you can take a look at the articles of “how many days can a person go without sleep?” and “how many days can a human go without water?” mentioned before.

Human organisms are created in a way in which they can survive without eating anything for a long period of time. Of course, this starving has a price. This is why we should not starve too often. A person can survive for 60 days without eating; however, only experts can tell what this person lost during this 60 days. It will be worth noting that, the person drank water during this period. Please note that, if we starve for a long time, our organs will lose their functions one by one.

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Long Terms Starving in Babies and Children

We will provide statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in this part. The biggest risk group in starving people is the children and mothers. 6,3 million of the world’s population lose their life before turning  5 years old. Half of these deaths in children are due to malnutrition. This means that yearly 3,1 million children who are younger than 5 lose their life due to malnutrition.

We wanted to note that babies and children ca not stand to starve just like the adults. One hour of starving for a newborn baby can lead to newborn hepatitis in that baby. Malnutrition has a great place in the loss of life of children and babies and this reveals only one thing; there is nothing to tell except that children cannot stand to be starved. We need to be more aware about this issue and feed our children as much as they need.

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