How Many Days are there in a Year on Mars?

In the near future, we may see the news from Mars that people have just started to live there. In the past, it was only a dream for many people, but scientists are trying to find ways of living on Mars by using the developing technological conditions. First, there are a lot of important points to learn about Mars. The daily, monthly and yearly time periods of Mars will be different from our world. This is because the speeds of rotation of both planets, both around the Sun and in their surroundings, are different, and this leads to serious problems. The 24-hour “day” concept, which is equivalent to a tour around the Earth’s own periphery, will not solve the daily problems on Mars.

Mars is the fourth planet of the solar system. It is also called the Red Planet because it has a reddish appearance due to its widespread iron oxide content. The average distance of Mars from the Sun is about 230 million kilometers and the orbital duration is 687 Earth days. Mars’ day is slightly longer than Earth’s day, exactly 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35,2 seconds. A Mars’ year is 1.8809 Earth years. In other words, the world time unit is exactly 1 year, 320 days and 18.2 hours. So, let’s take a look at some important data:

A year on Mars is equal to:

687 Earth days (1.88 earth year)

A day on Mars is equal to:

24 hours, 39 minutes and 35,2 seconds

A day on Mars is equal to

We’ve expressed how many days there are in a year on Mars. In addition, you can see other interesting information by reading the “How many days are there in a year” article.

Finally, we can say the day on Mars is close to Earth’s day, but the year on Mars is about double the Earth year. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars planets are also called inner planets. So if we try to use a 365 day calendar on Mars, there would be a lot of confusion and problems during the first year.

A Mars day (called “sol”) is 24.6 hours, not 24 hours, although it is very close to an Earth day. In other words; when you lived 48 days in the Earth, you will be lived 47 sol in Mars. The time period is the same, but since the scales are proportionate to the day-to-day cycle, neither the hours nor the days nor the years of the two planets are connected. We cannot use the same calendar and time system on Mars as is used on  Earth.


How Many Days are There in a Year on Mars?

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