How many days in June 2018?

30 days in June. (It is the same every year.)

720 hours in June.

43.200 minutes in June.

2.592.000 seconds in June.

How many days are there in June 2018?

June is the sixth month of year and has 30 days and 720 hours during the month. The summer season starts with June in the northern hemisphere and it’s the date of starting a holiday in many schools in the world. The summer tourism starts to gain importance in this month and millions of people start to make their own holiday plans in June. World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th day of June each year. On the 21st June, it’s the longest day in the northern hemisphere, and on the other hand, it’s the shortest day in the southern hemisphere in the world.

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Before June, the month of May takes place on our calendars, which is the last month of the spring season. Also, after June, the month of July takes place on our calendars, which is the middle month of summer season in the northern hemisphere. On the contrary, the winter season starts with June in the southern hemisphere. We can say, the autumn season completes with the beginning of June. The winter season lasts for three months and we will reach the spring season with the beginning of September in the southern hemisphere.

How Many Days are in June 2018?

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