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How Many Days can a person go without Sleep?

In 1965, a 17-year-old American boy named Gardner broke a record by not sleeping for 246 hours, i.e., 11 days. No other experiment has lasted longer since that time.

7-8 Days is the Most Sleepless Try

Gardner was hospitalized after this experiment and then slept for 14 continuous hours. When he woke up again, he described it as a “rebirth.” On the other hand, it was observed that a person can go without sleep at most 7-8 days as a result of some research.

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Lack of Attention Occurs as You Don’t Sleep

As people become sleepless, problems such as attention deficit, perception, and mental competence are revealed. There is no permanent damage apart from the death of the brain cells in those people who slept after 7-8 days. There is no official records of anyone losing their life due to lack of sleep.

How Many Days Can a Person Go Without Sleep?

Every person needs to stay awake at some points of their life. He should not sleep because he has projects and works to do.

Well, how to stay awake?

Use Your Sense of Smell

A good or bad but powerful odor can help you to stay alerted. Usually, aromatherapy smells which stimulate your nerve system and fatigue reliever will keep you awake.

For example:

  • Rosemary
  • Mint: According to a study, being alert increases the opportunity to stay awake for 30%.
  • Coffee: You can put the coffee in a box and open the box to smell it when you feel sleepy.
  • Yellowberry Oil: If you trigger your sense of smell from time to time rather than continuous manner, you will increase your chance to stay awake. This is why you can put these herbs in a box and smell them. In case some of them are absent at your home, you can apply a cream on your hand and you can smell your hand from time to time.


Massaging neck and a head area will relieve the fatigue.

Chewing Ice

Can you imagine that you fall asleep when there is an ice in your mouth? Chewing cold ice may send a signal to your brain that you do not want to sleep.

A Powerful Light

Preferably a work desk illuminated with sunlight will keep you awake. At night, bring the surrounding lights around you, use desk lamps along with the regular lighting at the room in order to let them help you to stay awake.

Be Uncomfortable

Get up and walk as much as you can, stay on your foot. If you need to sit down, prefer a chair which is poor, rough and uncomfortable, it is not possible to stay awake on your puffy sofa. Stay straight while sitting, do not lean your head to anywhere (hand, desk, etc).

Stay Straight in Front of the Computer

This advice is to many laptop users, using the laptop on the bed or comfortable sofa will definitely let you sleep. It will be beneficial for you to exercise while you are going to stay straight in front of the computer.

Do Not Eat a Lot

Minimize your food consumption, it will be better for you to eat often but less instead of making your stomach full at once in order to not sleep. It will be good to consume snack in order to stimulate your sense of taste. Apple (sweet or sour), sunflower seeds (salty + addictive) and grape will be great.

Prefer Upbeat Music

Listening to upbeat music and even singing or keeping rhythm will let you stay awake.

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We wanted to warn you about you should not be sleepless for a too long. It will be good for you to not disturb your sleep patterns apart from exceptional situations and conditions. Because a recent research reveals that staying awake more than usual prevents the formation of new brain cells.

In this research which was conducted on mice by Dr. Elizabeth Gould and her research team from Princeton University, it was revealed that sleepiness affects the hippocampus which is responsible for the memory formation in the brain.

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