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How Many Days are in April 2018?


How Many Days are in April 2018?

30 days in April. (There are 30 days in April for every year)

720 hours in April.

43.200 minutes in April.

2.592.000 seconds in April.

The month of April always has 30 days.

How many days are there in April?

April is the second month of spring season in the northern hemisphere. On the other hand, this month is also the second month of the autumn season in the southern hemisphere. April includes 30 days and 720 hours. When we look at the important days of April, the 1st day of the month is a fun day in many countries. April 1 is known as “April fool’s Day” all around the world, and millions of people play jokes on their friends and relatives on this special day in April. In addition, April 7 is “World Health Day” and April 23 is “National Sovereignty and Children’s Day” which has a lot of participants from different countries.

When we look at the yearly calendar, April plays a part before May and after March. We can say April is the middle month of the spring season in the northern hemisphere. April may be seasonally different compared to the half-globes in the world. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere while you live in the spring season, people in the Southern Hemisphere are in the autumn season. April is famous with its rains in the northern hemisphere, and you can observe a lot of flood disasters in this month.

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