How Many Days in Autumn (Fall)?

Autumn is one of the four seasons in a calendar year.

There are 91 days in the Autumn season and this season lasts for 3 months.

There are three months in Autumn. The amount and total days in these three months are:

  • September: 31 days
  • October: 30 days
  • November: 31 days

TOTAL: 31+30+31= 92 days. This means that there are 92 days in the Autumn season.

September has 30, October has 31 and November has 30 days in a calendar year. Before autumn, we can see the summer season for three months, and after autumn, the winter season starts with the first day of December. When we look at the northern hemisphere, the autumn months are September, October and November. In these months, the temperatures start to decrease visually, and the process of winter starts to be felt in the northern hemisphere of the world. Especially, the regions which have continental climate start to get colder quickly, but, the coastal regions stay warmer for more days during the autumn season. We’ve explained how many days are in autumn.  You can see the remaining time with our how many days until autumn subject.

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On the other hand, when we look at the southern hemisphere, the autumn months are MarchApril, and May. After autumn, the winter season starts in the southern hemisphere with the beginning of June. We can observe that the temperatures start to decrease. The common specialty of the autumn season is a kind of transition process between summer and winter. There are also 91 days in the Autumn season in the southern hemisphere.

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How Many Days are in Autumn/Fall?

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