How Many Days Until Ascension Day 2018?

When: May 10, 2018 – Thursday

If you want to learn how many days until Ascension Day then you can learn this information through the countdown we have located above.

How Many Weeks Until Ascension Day 2018?

How Many Months Until Ascension Day 2018?

What is Ascension Day?

Ascension Day is one of the first festivals of the Christians where they celebrate the 40th day of the reborn of Jesus. It is known that this day is being celebrated since the year 68. The Christian belief system believes that Jesus ascended to heaven on this day and this is why they celebrate this awesome day on the 40th day of the Easter which is always Thursday.

Why is Ascension Day Celebrated?

ascension day 2018, ascension day dates, when is ascension day, Jesus is their savior and he is accepted as the son of the Father in their belief system. This is why people celebrate this day since they know that Jesus ascended to heaven on this day in the history. This special day declared as the holiday in many of the countries however countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom do not consider this day as a public holiday. Some of the governments declare the Friday as the holiday as well in order to merge the federal holiday and offer 4 days off-day for the worker segment.

What Can You Do on Ascension Day?

Since it is the 40th day of the Easter, families already are together and this is why you may have a great dinner with your friends and family members. In addition to this, many people pay a visit to churches in order to pray for themselves, their beloved ones and the Jesus. Most of the churches organize different ceremonies in order to celebrate this special day. You can attend to one of these events too. You can also take the advantage of the 4 days break and go on a vacation to rest and get rid of your stress.

How Many Days Until Ascension Day 2018?

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