How many days until Father’s day 2018?

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How Many Weeks Until Father’s Day 2018?

When is the Father’s Day? June 17, 2018 – Sunday


When is the Father’s Day? September 3, 2017 – Sunday (First Sunday in September)


When is the Father’s Day? August 13, 2017-Sunday (Second Sunday in August)


Generally, Mother’s day attracts more attention all over the world. But, we do not want to pass without stating this: Our fathers are sorry because of this. On mother’s Day, there are a lot of special discounts, advertisements, special ceremonies in schools and celebrations. But the Fathers’ Day becomes less and less interesting. But our mothers and mothers are the people who do everything for us, they don’t eat anything before we eat when needed. You should prepare your most beautiful gifts for Father’s Day. We needed to answer your questions like “when is father’s day?” and “how many days until Father’s Day?” and “The date of Father’s Day” and replied all of them in this text.
If you are far away from your father or if your father is far away from you in the Father’s Day, we should call him and celebrate his special day. We can congratulate the father’s day by making him feel valuable if we have no gift.

When does the Fathers Day celebrate?

Fathers Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.

When is Father’s Day? (US)

Year Date Weekday
2017 18 June Sunday
2018 17 June Sunday
2019 16 June Sunday
2020 21 June Sunday
2021 20 June Sunday
2022 19 June Sunday
2023 18 June Sunday
2024 16 June Sunday
2025 15 June Sunday
2026 21 June Sunday

Firstly in the USA, John Bruce Dodd wanted to celebrate this important Fathers day like Mothers day because of the death of his much-loved father. After it’s accepted commonly and started to be celebrated as Fathers day in the USA and many European countries every year. We’ve mentioned Father’s Day in this article. However, you can take a look at “how many days until mother’s day” article and you can see the value we give to mothers.

How did the Fathers Day arise?

Sonora Smart Dodd, the girl of an American Civil War veteran, was thinking about that fathers should have a special day like mothers. In the previous article, we’ve expressed that how many days until mother’s day. Dodd’s father raised six children alone in the absence of their mothers. She started working to be announced June 5 as Fathers day, but it delayed to the third week of June because works had not completed.

how many days until father's day, fathers day countdownFather’s Day was first celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. In 1924, the President of the USA Calvin Coolidge supported celebrations, but he didn’t announce Fathers day officially. In 1966, the President Lyndon Johnson issued a statement annually announcing that the third month of June will be celebrated as Father’s Day. In 1972, with the signing of President Richard Nixon, Father’s Day was legally declared an official holiday in the USA.

Catholic people celebrate Father’s Day on another date. They approach this celebration as ecclesiastically and they present 19th day of March as St.Joseph’s Day in remembrance of Father of Christian prophet Jesus. In some countries, these celebrations have gone beyond religious purposes.

We love our mothers. You can go to our topic to see how many days until mothers day second-by-second.

(2018) How Many Days until Father’s Day?

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